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France Business Class OffersBook By 27 April 2023
Departing AirlineTravel datesPrice
Vietnam Air Vietnam Air18 Jan 2023 - 22 Feb 2023fr$4700.00
China Eastern China Eastern24 Aug 2022 - 15 Dec 2022fr$4825.00
Vietnam Air Vietnam Air16 Dec 2022 - 24 Jan 2023fr$5240.00
Thai Airways Thai Airways10 Jun 2022 - 26 Oct 2022fr$5931.00
Cathay Pacific Airwa Cathay Pacific Airwa01 Apr 2022 - 20 Sep 2022fr$6444.00
Thai Airways Thai Airways01 Apr 2022 - 31 Aug 2022fr$6508.00
China Eastern China Eastern10 Dec 2022 - 27 Dec 2022fr$6673.00
Flights to France.Htm$6673

Looking for a holiday destination that has the perfect balance of sights, sounds, smells and tastes? With its vast number of perfect destinations for a quick getaway or even a long relaxing break, France is definitely the country to explore.

No matter what time of year you’re looking to visit, France has a lovely all-year-round appeal. From beautiful beaches to the calming countryside, bustling cities to quiet seaside towns, there’s a place for everyone to enjoy.

It’s the perfect country to delve into art and architecture. With marvels such as the Eiffel Tower and the incredibly beautiful Palace of Versailles, you can already see that France boasts a rich cultural and architectural history that is just waiting to be explored.

For those looking for sun, sea and sand, the Côte d'Azur (or the French Riviera) is the place to go. Nestled on France’s south coast, you get to experience amazing Mediterranean weather, the glitz and glamour of Cannes and Monaco and the beauty of the smaller coastal towns and villages which make up this highly-sought-after holiday destination.

You can’t go to France without sampling some of its delicious food. Its gastronomy is world-famous and there’s something for everyone to try. Whether you’re brave enough to try escargot, or would prefer to stick to something more familiar such as breads, cheeses and soups, there is a taste of France for everyone.

Why fly business class?

There are so many places to visit in France, and you will want to be able to get right into exploring as soon as the plane touches down. With flights from Australia to France often taking over 24 hours on some routes, you will want to make sure that you are travelling in complete comfort.

Business-class allows you the luxury of the space and comfort that is often unavailable when flying in economy. There’s guaranteed extra legroom and a fully reclinable seat which allows you to determine your most comfortable position during your journey. You’ll also be able to enjoy a delicious meal from our carefully selected menu, which wouldn’t seem out of place in a high-end restaurant!

Popular routes

Direct flights to France are available from most Australian airports, with indirect routes also available to add more flexibility for your travel plans.

As an Australian citizen, you will not need to obtain a Schengen visa to enter France for stays equal to and under 90 days in duration.

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