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Kathmandu Lifestyle & Culture

Kathmandu’s ancient traditional culture is based on the meeting of the Hindu and Buddhist ethos and its people are, in the most part, highly religious.

Its unique fusion of artistic and architectural traditions and cultures can be traced back to its place on the ancient trade route between India and Tibet.

This amalgamation of cultures and Kathmandu’s many visitors means people in the area may be more understanding of foreign behaviour and traditions, it’s important to be respectful of local culture and customs.

One simple effort is to give the Nepali greeting, namaste (“I salute the god within you”), with your palms held together as if praying, which is to be used as you might say “how do you do?” and is a term of respect.

While the district of Thamel offers international cuisine, don’t miss out on the traditional Nepali dish of dal bhat, a dish that usually includes rice and lentil soup and the Kathmandu delicacies (with more influence from Tibet and China), including the pizza-like Chatamari and meat products Choee and Swo.

If you are eating with your hands, make sure you only use your right hand to touch your food, as the left hand is used when in the toilet in Nepal. It’s also polite to only use your right hand when giving or receiving something.

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